A message from Sam Brown – Sussex Bassist Singer & Teacher

Hello! It seems you’ve stumbled upon a Singing Bass Player!

Amongst the mind-boggling amount of talented musicians on the interwebs, I’m very glad you’ve found me!

There are far worse ways to learn your instrument, than performing 6 nights a week on Cruise Ships or in 5 star hotels. I have been lucky enough (and for sure worked hard enough!) to have played on Cruise Ships in the Caribbean, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean and the Canaries and across the Middle East hotel circuit in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain and Egypt (and the less exotic United Kingdom functions and original circuit).

Before all these shenanigans, I began my professional journey at BIMM, where I obtained my Degree in Professional Musicianship (Huzzah!). There I trained with some of the best in the business and was taught how to be a professional in a very competitive industry.

If all my experience has taught me anything, it’s that working in this Industry is so much more than having ripping chops and a voice like Freddie. More than just honing my craft, my experience has taught me that being a professional musician is more about being a friendly/humble/dedicated individual that people WANT to be around and work with. Be good. But be humble.

A good sense of humour…and showering regularly helps too…

I strive to uphold these qualities, give boundless energy, and actually have fun while I’m doing it.

My biggest strength is my ability to sing and play, which comes in the form of fronting bands and commanding audiences or offering slick harmonies and supporting the talent up front. Second to that, I have a wide and varied playing style that allows me to adapt to most musical situations: funk to rock to jazz to metal; I only draw the line at Vegetarian Pneumatic Tripcore… mostly because I honestly don’t know what it is – hell let’s give it a go.

Between functions and session-work I also love imparting skills and music geekery – so please contact me for Bass Lessons (Don’t worry if you don’t live around Sussex (UK), I also offer Skype Lessons). Please have a gander at my Services and feel free to check my Testimonials and CV or contact me – I’m always up for a jam, beer, or chat!