Hello and thanks for checking out my website! Amongst the mind-boggling amount of talented musicians on the interwebs, I’m very glad you’ve found me!

There are far worse ways to learn your instrument, than performing 6 nights a week on Cruise Ships, in 5 star hotels in the Middle East, clattering around the French Alps in a Van full of equipment, up and down the M25 to regular function and wedding gigs a few nights of the week, and above all, being a teacher who gets to impart these experiences and the all of the best information and lessons learned on a regular basis.

Before all these shenanigans, I began my professional journey at BIMM Brighton, where I obtained my Degree in Professional Musicianship (Huzzah!). There I studied with some wonderful tutors who taught me how to be a professional in a very competitive industry, and made friends and colleagues that I still work with to this day!

If all my experience has taught me anything, it’s that being a professional musician is more about being a friendly/humble/dedicated individual that people WANT to be around and work with. Be good. But be humble. A good sense of humour…and showering regularly helps too…

I strive to uphold these qualities, give boundless energy, and actually have fun while I’m doing it.

My biggest strength is my ability to sing and play, which comes in the form of fronting bands and commanding audiences or offering slick harmonies and supporting the talent up front.

Second to that, I have a wide and varied playing style that allows me to adapt to most musical situations: funk to rock to jazz to metal.

Between functions and session-work I also love imparting skills and music geekery – so please contact me for Bass Lessons (Don’t worry if you don’t live around Sussex (UK), I also offer Remote Lessons.

Please have a look around and get in contact if you’d like to know more about me. I’m always up for a jam, beer, or chat!

Check out my CV here

I've recently been back on the @unfortunatehistory podcast!Back with my mate the powerhouse orator and research fiend @codypmusic on part 1 of a double whammy on the legendary #captainmorgan (the actual pirate!)🏴‍☠️The podcast is growing really well and the guys are killing it so give the episode a listen, check out the other awesome episodes and follow here on Spotify.Grab a glass and have a listen 🥃https://open.spotify.com/episode/04vXnVykMNQbk3N74RtYui?si=Y6h9aP3FSF6Vy9wXeEHhRA ... See MoreSee Less
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The awesome Dan McKinna taught us this bassline on my very first day at #bimmbrighton back in 2009 and it blew my mind!Although the line on this album version of #returnofthespacecowboy is played by Paul Powell (credited on the album as Mr X) @stuartzender 's playing on this @jamiroquaihq record continually blows my mind and made a real impact on me as an 18 year old. Revisiting it to teach a lesson the other day was very nostalgic and SO.MUCH.FUNI'm so lucky to have one of the best jobs in the world and whilst I've missed gigging this year, I've been very grateful to have had #teaching to throw my time into.The full version of this passage slowed down is available on my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/samtabrownmusician along with a load of my other videos I've done for my #bimm students this past 2 terms. Go and check them out and give me a follow if you like what you hear/see.I'll be putting up some more stuff and attempting some acoustic and solo bass and vocal covers of stuff to create more promo content etc (keep on hustlin' 👌)If anyone fancies any lessons I offer the first hour for free then a bundle offer of book 5 get the 6th free so get in touch if you're interested.#bassdouche #bassbeard #bassistsofinstagram #bassist #fender #jazzbass #jamiroquai #bassguitar #acidjazz #bassuniversity #bassplayerunited #bassplayers #bass #bassists ... See MoreSee Less
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Thanks for all the lovely birthday messages people! I had a lovely weekend out and about rambling with some of my favourite humans and eating all the treats 😁 ... See MoreSee Less
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I'm not even going to pretend I understand the struggle or pain that black people and other ethnic minorities experience on daily basis around the world, but please know that I want work towards a world where you could feel as safe and as equal any of us.The industry I work in wouldn't exist without the diversity of cultures that create arguably the worlds most important art form, and I'm lucky to be a part of something so collaborative and forward thinking.#blackouttuesday #theshowmustbepaused #blacklivesmatter ... See MoreSee Less
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And another because it was bloody good fun 😁Working on some #steelydan featuring some epic bass work by the incredible #chuckraineyWhat a choon and what a workout!#fenderprecision #emgpickups #emg #babiczbridge #bassdouche ... See MoreSee Less
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